About Me

Hello, I am Nick – thank you for looking at my crusty website.

I have been solving problems in audio signal processing since around 2006 – first as a hobby and now as a career. I’m passionate about developing new ways to explain old things and trying to make the mathematics behind audio signal processing something that is less daunting. I’m passionate about building the technical skills and unity of teams. My technical proficiencies include FIR modulated filterbank design and implementation, classical IIR filter design and high-performance implementation, speaker playback performance enhancement, acoustic echo canceller design, psycho-acoustic modelling, waveform synthesis, optimized signal-processing implementations (FFTs, FIR filterbanks) in C for multiple platforms and algorithm visualisation.

While I was at university, I also did some sampling of pipe organs for use with digital organs (at the time Hauptwerk/MyOrgan/GrandOrgue). I published these sample sets for free on this web page. My undergraduate thesis was on a custom noise reduction algorithm which I developed for use with the pipe organ samples I recorded.

Twitter: I post signal-processing related stuff and pictures of food.
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Email: nzizczkz@zappletonzaudio.com (remove all of the ‘z’ characters)
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