About Me

Hi, my name is Nick.

I am an Electrical Engineering graduate of the University of Technology, Sydney. I sub majored in software, but specialise in embedded software, electronics and digital signal processing.

I also like to sample pipe organs for use with digital samplers. I publish these sample sets for free on this web page. I believe that there is substantial historical preservation value in making these sample sets. I also develop software relating to sample set production – currently all that has been published is a noise reduction package and an automatic looping package but I hope to expand this portfolio in the near future. Eventually, I would like to write and publish a cross-platform audio editor specifically designed for multi-track recording and sample set preparation combining all of the utilities which I have created so far. I particularly enjoy writing signal processing applications when they are related to audio signals and am fascinated by the science behind sound and how we hear it. My undergraduate thesis was on a custom noise reduction algorithm which I developed for use with pipe organ samples.

I’m passionate about building the technical skills and unity of teams. I like coffee. I like beer. I am a Christian and am a member of St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Clovelly. I live in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs with my lovely wife Jessica and daughter Emmeline.

I currently work for Dolby Australia. Just for absolute clarity: this is a personal website.

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