Eaton 5115 powering Ubuntu Server 11.10 with NUT

A couple of months ago, I bought a UPS for my server at home. I’m running more remote services on it and figure that anything I can add to protect it is worth while. I bought an Eaton 5115 500 Watt tower model. Only the “Powerware” branded model is listed on the NUT support page but I was banking on the newer model being compatible. For those out there wondering: yes it is.

  1. Install NUT and then configure as per the instructions given here here. For the Eaton 5115 connected via USB, bcmxcp_usb is the correct driver. On Ubuntu this was just a matter of apt-get’ing the “nut” package and modifying ups.conf, upsd.conf, upsd.users, upsmon.conf and nut.conf as specified on the previously linked documentation page.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect the USB connection from the server to the UPS (I had to do this to get everything working).
  3. Test that everything worked by running:

    $ upsc { ups name }

    Where { ups name } is the name chosen for the UPS in ups.conf.

As for the UPS itself: it seems pretty good. I was concerned when I first plugged it in as the fan whirred quite loudly at full speed for a few minutes – but then it slowed down to a very quiet speed. The voltage regulation feature has kicked in a few times (my line is supposed to be a nominal 240 Volts but more often floats around 250 Volts) which I thought was pretty neat.

I haven’t got figures on battery length… might edit this when I do.

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