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  • Hauptwerk Home Page
    Hauptwerk is a fantastic program specifically designed to modelling pipe organs. It is capable of doing almost everything you can think of in regards to simulating an organ: it models tremulants, the wind supply, swell enclosues and more. The software supports multiple samples per pipe, and it has enough configuration options to work with just about every piece of MIDI hardware.
  • is a German Hauptwerk forum.

Australian Pipe Organs and General Pipe Organ Information

  • Organ Historical Trust of Australia
    OHTA is an important Australian trust setup for the preservation and reasearch into pipe organs and also to spark interest for the instrument. Their work has brought many organs throughout Australia which were changed for worse, back to their original (or close to their original) splendor.
  • The Organ Music Society of Sydney
    The Organ Music Society of Sydney’s website contains information on just about every organ in NSW. It has been a fantastic resource for me in locating organs in the local areas.
  • The Encyclopedia of Organ Stops
    The Encyclopedia of Organ Stops website is a valuable source of information on organ pipes.

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