Open Sample Projects

This is an experiment at creating a collaborative project for creating pipe organ sample sets. I have made several recordings over the years on a variety of instruments but don’t really have time these days to do all the processing required to make a sample set. What these pages will supply are the recordings which have been made by me necessary to make a sample set. I have mastered these downloads from my original recordings (mixed down my recordings to stereo and provided equalisation) so they should be ready for noise reduction and chopping up.

Again, this is an experiment and I haven’t completely planned for coordination of the creation of sample sets. It is likely that I will set up and FTP at home where people can dump work which they have completed. I have enabled comments on the sub-pages for questions and coordination. It is also possible that these recordings may be un-usable – most of them have significant amounts of background noise.


(image soon)
First Church of Christ Scientist, Darlinghurst

Builder: J. E. Dodd 1925 (rebuilt in 1935 by Whitehouse Bros.)
Location: 270 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst
Status: Some recordings available.