Note that this software is currently in testing. No responsibility will be taken for damage or unexpected behaviour. It may be redistributed if no charge is involved. Questions, comments and BUG REPORTS are welcomed and can be addressed to me (contact information given on the about page).

14 August 2010 – Version 0.3b (for Windows) (for OS X)

  • Autoloop now is capable of adding a rough release marker to the files. The default setting for this feature is off, but may be switched on in the autoloop.conf file.
  • Bug fixed in loop adding routine where the associated cue sample offset is not set to the start position of the loop. This did not seem to have any adverse affects, but has been fixed for compliance with standard practises.
  • Filenames are now displayed when warnings or errors occur.

1 August 2010 – Version 0.2b

  • LOOPER_MAXIMUM_LOOPS variable added to conf file to enable user selection of desired loops to store. This is still hard limited in software to 8.
  • A newly developed wave file handler is being used. At present, you can no longer save to the same file as the source. i.e. you cannot type autoloop.exe 036-c.wav /o 036-c.wav – the destination file must be different to the source.
  • A bug in the existing wave handler code which wrote incorrect header sizes has been fixed in the new handler.
  • A condition was found which could cause autoloop to hang indefinitely if the .conf file was not set up properly for the samples to process. This has been rectified and an error is now generated suggesting how the user can fix the problem.

17 July 2009 – Version 0.1b

  • Initial release.