Common Parameters

The following parameters are common to both the NR and GNP applications.

  • /inraw (Sample Rate) (Channels) (Sample Format) Since v0.7b, RIFF/WAVE file support has been implemented and all files for input and output will be treated as wave files unless the application is explicitly told not to. For input files, the /inraw parameter will over-ride the wave reader from opening the file and the file will be treated as channel-interleaved raw data with the specified parameters.

    Sample Rate specifies the sample rate of the RAW data.
    Channels specifies the number of channels in the RAW data.
    Sample Format specifies the format of the interleaved samples. As of v0.9b, it can be one of the following values:

    • ASF_IEEEFLOAT32 – Samples stored in IEEE 32 bit floating point format
    • ASF_SIGNEDINT32 – Samples stored as 32 bit signed integers
    • ASF_SIGNEDINT24 – Samples stored as 24 bit packed signed integers
    • ASF_SIGNEDINT16 – Samples stored as 16 bit signed integers

  • /outraw This parameter will explicitly tell the application to bypass the wave writer and write the samples directly to the output file as RAW interleaved data. The output file will have the same parameters as the input file.